The Inside Scoop on Our Infrared Sauna

Author: Abbie Hentges, Clinic Manager

I think the question I get asked most by people who are curious about using our sauna is: How is an infrared sauna different from a conventional sauna? That’s a good question!

The main difference is the way the heat is produced. In a conventional sauna, heat is created indirectly through convection (air currents) and conduction (direct contact of hot air with the skin) This is why some people (myself included) find it difficult to stay in a conventional sauna for long because breathing warm air can feel quite uncomfortable.

In infrared saunas less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air leaving over 80% to be directly converted to heat within our bodies. As the body’s core temperature slowly rises, blood vessels dilate increasing blood flow. As heat from the blood moves toward the skin’s surface, the body’s nervous system sends signals to the sweat glands stimulating perspiration. This allows for a greater depth of heat penetration while the surrounding air remains at a relatively low temperature.

This difference explains the unprecedented health benefits of far infrared saunas not attainable with conventional saunas.

I am fortunate enough to have regular access to our sauna. I go on average 3 nights a week after work and it’s the perfect way to end my day. It’s just a quiet warm place for me to go where I can process my day, relax and unwind. I have found a 30 minute session to be my sweet spot, enough time to get a good sweat on but not so long that I feel restless or bored.

I had never used an infrared sauna before I started working at Pure Body Health but I had heard good things about them from friends. I definitely notice a difference in how I feel after using the sauna. I think the word serene most accurately describes my experience. I feel calm and clear and a tangible increase in well being.

Here’s what some of our regulars have to say:

I wanted to try it out because I had read it would be good for my health. I have tried regular saunas before but found the hot dry air hard to breathe. I like the  infrared sauna because it gives a good heat and I sweat a lot. I also enjoy the sauna because it gives me a quiet moment in my day.” – Robert

I am a major infrared sauna fan, I come at least 4 times a week. I definitely notice if I don’t come for a while. The sauna is my hot box, I actually work in there! It’s a space of hyper focus for me, a clarity spot for my day. It’s great for my skin and I feel revitalized afterwards. Regular sauna use allows me to stay focused and on top of my game. I have found the sauna to be one of my keys to wellness and managing stress. I love the lights and find them very therapeutic.” – Sasha

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