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What is an Athletic Therapist?

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

What is an athletic therapist? What is athletic therapy?

Athletic Therapists are professionals trained in musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. They treat pain, injuries and create preventative strengthening programs through hands on treatment.

They are experts in injury assessment and rehabilitation and their patients vary from seniors recovering from a surgery to youths suffering from concussions.

AT’s are best known for their work with elite athletes but are also trained and valuable in a clinical setting. They are able to assess injuries quickly and develop rehabilitation plans that get results fast.

What is the difference between Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists?

Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists are similar to each other in their objective of increasing patient mobility and healing ailments, and differ from each other in their education and specialities in treatment.

In British Columbia, physiotherapists must achieve their Masters of Physical Therapy – a process that takes roughly 7 or 8 years, pass a national examination upon graduation and be registered with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia.

Their education focuses on cardiology, orthopaedics and neurology, with their skills being used to treat patients with a variety of ailments including; burn patients, pediatrics, stroke rehabilitation and many more.

Athletic Therapists must complete a Bachelor’s degree and then attend a 3 year Athletic Therapy program offered at eight Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) accredited institutions in Canada.

During this program, students must complete both an in-field and in-clinic practicum, have a valid First Responder certificate and upon graduation pass the National Certification Examinations.

The process to become an Athletic Therapist is similar in length to physiotherapy, taking roughly 7 or 8 years.

Can Athletic Therapists Diagnose You?

Physician referrals are not required to see an Athletic Therapist. As a part of your treatment an AT focuses on thorough and proper assessments of injuries, management of acute and chronic injuries, and injury prevention. Their job is, to the best of their ability, to diagnose what is causing discomfort.

When to See an Athletic Therapist

If you have experienced an injury and are eager to get life back to normal or back into your sport of choice, addressing your injury head on with a trained professional is a potent way to speed up recovery.

If you have any nagging injuries, it is useful to consult with an expert that may be aware of some weak or overdeveloped muscles that are contributing to the chronic pain. They can then treat you through manual therapy, stretching and strength training.

We are all athletes in our day to day life, whether it’s lifting laundry baskets, carrying infants, or spending a significant time sitting, our day to day life can take a toll.

The objective of an Athletic Therapist is to help clients return to their usual activities and live with the most freedom and least amount of pain in their body.

Whether you’d like to improve your posture, heal an injury, deal with acute or chronic pain, or engage in preventative measures, an Athletic Therapist is an excellent resource to use.

If you’re interested in booking with one of our qualified Athletic Therapists click here.

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Pure Body Health Victoria’s Virtual Counselling Services for Holistic Health

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

a plate full of healthy fruits and tea suggested by pure body health online

Here at Pure Body Health Victoria, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of health-related solutions. One of our most accessible during 2020 (and, now, 2021!) Virtual counselling services for holistic health.

Held via our partner business, Pure Body Health Online, keep reading to learn how and why our nutrition counselling, wellness counselling, and life coaching are helping people just like you get the most out of their everyday lifestyle.

Virtual Nutritional Counselling

Our virtual nutritional counselling comes in three variants:

  • Initial 60-min. consultation
    • Good things take time, which is why we ensure that our initial 60-min. consultation is as thorough as possible. This includes:
      • An evaluation of the client’s health history
      • An overview of past and current supplements, as well as daily eating habits
      • A discussion about food records
      • Outlining a goal-based plan and nutritional condition
      • Recommending recipe plans and tactics to strengthen your immune system long-term
  • 40-min. follow-up session
    • Built-in to the standard 60-min. consultation
    • A nutritional audit with one of our virtual counselling specialists
    • Analyzing the status of your provided nutritional plan in order to make any recommended adjustments
    • This is to monitor your progress and set you on the path for long-term results
  • The Advance PBH Package
    • The full-package experience for those seeking an in-depth nutritional counselling experience
    • Includes an initial consultation, three monitoring sites, 21 days of meal planning, evaluation and tracking of all health changes, and a laboratory assessment

Balancing emotional and physical health is key for a happy, healthy life; that’s why our dedicated team of experts offer an array of athletic therapy counselling, wellness coaching, life coaching services, and naturopathic and Chinese herbal medicine guidance alongside our nutritional counselling.

Athletic Therapy

Each virtual athletic therapy counselling appointment encompasses your detailed physical history, a comprehensive assessment, specified treatment, one-on-one patient education, and a customized home-treatment program. Our virtual athletic therapy services are covered by insurances such as, but not limited to, All Sport Insurance, Marketing, the Canadian Hockey Association, Greenshield, Manulife, and Sunlife.

Wellness Coaching

Divided into an initial 60-min. consultation and a 45-min. follow-up session for patient convenience, we here at Pure Body offer a unique mentorship experience with one of our very own wellness experts. These sessions entail personalized step-by-step walkthroughs for topics like overall bodily health, lifestyle, and holistic wellbeing.

Life Coaching

Kicking off with a free initial 30-min. consult, our virtual life coaching offerings uncover recommended changes that can be made to both your professional and personal life. What is the most important to you in life? What are you looking to achieve in both the short-and-long term? These one-on-one coaching sessions are inspired by Pure Body Health’s founder, Gavin Henderson-Peal, who, in addition to overseeing the activities here at Pure Body Health, runs a successful business coaching company here in Victoria.

Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Counselling

While two separate services, our virtual naturopathy and traditional Chinese herbal medicine counselling work in tandem to holistically heal many chronic and astute conditions.

Enjoy the Best Health of Your Life With Pure Body Health’s Virtual Counselling

Whether it be virtual nutritional counselling, athletic therapy coaching, guidings on the topics of health and wellness, or even the integration of naturopathic and/or traditional Chinese herbal medicine into your everyday life, you’re in good hands here at Pure Body Health. Contact us today!