How to Set Nutrition Goals for This Spring

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

Pure body health victoria, Nutrition Goals for Spring

Looking for tips on how to set nutrition goals for this spring? Look no further than Pure Body Health Victoria’s top three actionable steps for setting nutrition goals that are both achievable and good for your whole-body health.

Step #1 for Setting Spring Nutrition Goals: Decide Your Motivation

Setting spring nutrition goals for yourself can be part of your New Year’s resolution to start exercising more, your promise to your family to stop smoking, or simply to bolster your whole-body health.

Regardless of what your motivator is, we recommend deciding on your main driver ahead of time to ensure that you have a concrete reason that is pushing you to meet your goals. Keeping this motivator in mind (or writing it down alongside your nutrition goals for reference!) can help keep you on track if your willpower starts to wane.

Pro-tip: the Pure Body Health Victoria team strongly suggests against making weight loss your main motivator. While those who fall into the overweight or obese categories will benefit from even moderate weight loss, we encourage you to steer clear from weight loss being the end result of your nutrition goals if they’re strictly appearance-based. Instead, focus on helping your body feel the best it possibly can through proper nutrition!

Step #2: Make Your Goals SMART

In the nutrition world, SMART stands for goals that are:

  • Specific: Do your spring nutrition goals include doubling your daily protein? Start taking certain supplements? Scaling back on carbs? The more specific your goals are, the easier and more straightforward they will be to stick to long-term.
  • Measurable: Whether it be via a calendar, journal, or app, ensuring that your nutrition goals are being measured on an ongoing basis will keep you in-the-know about how close you are to meeting them (and what you could tweak to get there faster!)
  • Attainable: We recommend starting small to see results long-term. While overhauling your eating overnight will likely feel like an enormous task, reducing one unhealthy staple weekly and replacing it with a more nutritious alternative will feel more manageable in the long-run.
  • Realistic: To stay motivated, set a goal that you believe is realistic. After all, if you set your initial goal too small you can always set another benchmark once you get there!
  • Time-oriented: Selecting a timeframe for your goal will help you both stay on track and more accurately measure your results.

Step #3: When in Doubt, Ask an Expert

Having a nutrition expert assess your nutrition goals, health history, supplement routine, lifestyle habits, nutrition concerns, and/or food journal records can work to quickly analyze what is (and isn’t!) working in regards to your nutrition benchmarks.

At Pure Body Health Victoria, our nutrition counselling services include both the above assessments and body composition monitoring, body measuring, ongoing professional support, and recipe recommendations to help you meet your goals in a safe, healthy, and sustainable timeframe.

Contact us today for spring nutrition goals that are expert-approved.


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