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Get RAD Mobility Like Never Before!

Guest Author: Sally McIntyre

Source: RAD Innovations

A FAQ that many of our massage clients ask our Registered Massage Therapists during their treatments are what self-care practices they can do post-treatment or in-between treatments to maintain optimal mobility. Our team of massage practitioners are big advocates of using RAD mobility and massage tools to help your body function and perform at its best. So what makes these products as rad as their name? 

At PBH, we carry an assortment of RAD tools that are designed by experts and serve to: improve body movement and propel radial lives through innovative tools and education. To help you discover which RAD tool is right for your needs, we have created an easy breakdown below of the products that we carry in-clinic.  

RAD Roller 

RAD Rollers have been coined as the most functional massage and release tools ever designed. They are meticulous enough to target each of your muscles and are compact enough to be portable. Not to mention, the Rollers are effortless to use. They come in three firmness levels: Original, Stiff and Soft. 

The Original RAD Roller has a texture that is soft enough to use on tender areas like your neck, yet firm enough to unbind more complex muscles like your back and legs. The Stiff is built for athletes or those who want a firmer texture. This Roller is less bendable in the middle, so you can turn it sideways and work on areas, such as your pectoral and inner leg muscles. The Soft, on the other hand, is catered towards beginners who wish to work with a more gentle touch on more sensitive areas of the body, such as the neck or scalp. 


The RAD Rod is a thin myofascial release tool that allows you to control the level of pressure. This product is made with high-quality materials and has a steel-core centre surrounded by a soft outer shell. It’s slender design and concentrated release enables you to relieve tight muscles and built-up toxins. 

RAD Centre

The RAD Centre is an inflatable ball that is solely designed for visceral release, meaning it will break up tension inside your organs, specifically those found in your abdominal walls. Additionally, it’s soft touch will help you scan over your whole body to target delicate areas without inducing pain and flush out any sore muscle. 

RAD Atom

The RAD Atom comes in handy when you aren’t in need of the accuracy of a point release tool, but you are in need of compression and circulation in your large muscle groups, such as the glutes and hips. You can either use this tool for your basic rolling or get deeper compression by inserting one end of the RAD Rod into its centre hole. This essentially creates a self-directed, crowbar-style tool that opens up any muscle you target. 

RAD Helix 

The RAD Helix steps up your rolling game from the traditional foam roller. Its anatomy reflects the shape of a double helix, which makes it a solid companion in unlocking stiffness on two planes and increasing your back’s range of motion by flushing out toxins. This product is also designed to give relief to your calves, quads, hamstrings and hips. 

RAD Rounds

RAD Rounds give you three times the relief with their small size and firm density to selectively mobilize muscles in unlike other tools. The RAD Rounds come in three different sizes with varying densities: Large, Green Round; Medium, Blue Round; and Micro, Black Round. 

The Large, Green Round is smaller and softer than the Original RAD Roller and offers pinpoint precision on hamstrings, hips and calves, neck and shoulders, and feet. The Medium, Blue Round gives concentrated release to tiny, tense muscles within the face, hands, and feet – perfect for runners and high-heel lovers. The Micro, Black Round unlocks the most minuscule of muscles in the face, hands, and feet. It is recommended to warm up with either of the larger Rounds and then follow up with the Micro Round. For those who wish to heighten the amount of control and focused release, they can pair the RAD Rounds can be coupled with the RAD Block.    

RAD Recovery Rounds 

RAD Recovery Rounds are softer rollers that work to stimulate fascia and heighten tissue resiliency. You can use these massaging rounds anywhere on your body to wake up your muscles, stimulate your nervous system and achieve a new level of recovery. 

RAD Axle

Like the Rad Helix, the RAD Axle takes foam rolling technology to the next level with its combination of modern form with multifunctional features. Its shape is built specifically for serving the spine and legs and is a great way to warm up and flush out every part of the body. 

RAD Block

The RAD Block is a multi-purpose prop that not only secures and stores the RAD Roller and RAD Rounds, but also raises their height to give you better leverage in hard-to-reach places and stabilizes your tools so that you can isolate pressure without the roll. 

If you wish to learn more about creating a RAD self-care routine for your body, any of our RMTs can answer any questions about the products and show you how to use them! 

Essential Oils 101

Author: Sally McIntyre, Guest Blogger

When you first heard of the words essential oils, you might have thought of these products as either woo-woo or too intimidating to learn about. Whichever the case, essential oils are a form of alternative medicine that is backed by clinical and experimental scientific research.

What Are Essential Oils?

To put it in simple terms, essential oils are oils that have been extracted from plants via mechanical pressing (ex. cold-pressing) or steam/water distillation. What makes them “essential” is that they contain the “essence” of plant fragrances. Synthetic essential oils, on the other hand, are not considered true essential oils.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are used to improve and maintain our physical, mental, and/or emotional wellness. They can aid in immune system and function support, respiratory system support, digestive health, free radical damage protection, cardiovascular system support, body detoxification, and nervous system support to name a few health benefits.

Recent research by doTERRA scientific experts have provided insight on the ability of essential oils to promote protective cellular responses, induce healthy structural remodelling, influence gene expression, and even the biological activity of essential oils in a human skin model.

How Are Essential Oils Used?

Essential oils can be used in three application methods: aromatically, topically, or internally.

AROMATIC— Diffusing essential oils is one of the most traditional and favoured ways to enjoy their aromatic benefits. A few drops of essential oils can either be diluted in water in a diffuser and, when diffused, a fine mist is dispersed, or put into your palms and then inhaled from cupped hands. This method of application has the power to purify the air around you and/or influence your mental, emotional, and physical body.

TOPICAL— The topical application of essential oils involves applying them directly onto your skin, or mixing them with carrier oils or other personal care products in order to safely penetrate your skin. Applying essential oils to the bottoms of your feet is a great way to get the oil into your body since the largest pores on your body reside there! This method of application is beneficial for soothing your mind and body.

INTERNAL— Ingesting essential oils may be involve adding them to a drink, cooking with them, placing a drop of essential oil under your tongue or on the roof of your mouth, or taking them in capsule form. This method of application can have a positive impact on the digestive, respiratory, and immune systems.

It is important to note that some essential oils cannot be applied in all three ways – some oils are only for topical use, while others are not digestible. So, when shopping for essential oils, take the time to learn whether the oil(s) in question support which method(s) of application.

Choosing the Right Essential Oils

While essential oils are widely known for their healing properties, it is important to emphasize their purity, quality and reputation.

Many essential oil producers claim that their oils are “pure”. However, terms like this, are not universally established due to the quality and composition of each brand of essential oils varying greatly. As a result, they hold very little weight.

One credible essential oil producer that we support is doTERRA. Without an accepted standard for essential oil quality, doTERRA created its own Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) testing process. The CPTG process certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants in their essential oils that would reduce their effectiveness. doTERRA also uses innovative research methods and cutting-edge simulation technology never previously used to investigate essential oils and their biological pathway.

At Pure Body Health, we carry doTERRA essential oils as well as our own homemade essential oil blends using doTERRA essential oils. When you’re in our wellness clinic next, don’t hesitate to ask our staff for information and advice on our essential oil products!