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Paraffin Wax – Benefits and Treatment

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

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Paraffin wax has been around as a skin treatment for a long time. It’s said to have been used in massage therapy as far back as the Roman Empire and it is still popular today as it has many benefits both cosmetically and for therapeutic relief.

What is Paraffin Wax?

It’s a soft, odorless, tasteless and colourless wax that is a natural emollient – which is defined as “having the quality of softening or soothing the skin”. It has a low melting point which makes it safe on your skin and unlike other waxes it doesn’t have a strong stickiness and will not rip out hair.

Cosmetic Benefits

Cosmetically it’s used typically on the hands and feet but can be used all over the body. After treatment, the skin’s moisture levels are boosted and will continue to increase even after the treatment is complete.
A paraffin treatment creates a protection on your skin that helps to keep your body’s natural oils which will continue to keep your skin soft and moisturized.

The treatment is effective in repairing dry skin or calluses on the hands or feet and is an excellent remedy for dry cracked heels.

The paraffin wax not only softens and adds moisture but also opens pores and removes dead skin cells. The wax traps the heat against your skin as it hardens, which opens your pores and when the treatment is complete and the wax is removed, dead skin cells are removed with it – leaving the skin looking and feeling fresh.

Therapeutic Benefits

Paraffin wax has been studied and shown to have therapeutic benefits for people suffering from:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Joint and mobility issues.

The treatment has similar benefits to that of a heat therapy, as it traps the heat against your skin. The result includes benefits such as:

  • Increased blood flow.
  • Decreased joint stiffness.
  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Minimized muscles spasms.
  • Increased blood flow.

As the heat is trapped against your skin, your muscles are able to loosen and relax and the result is an increase in pain relief.

It is also used to treat sprains and pulled muscles. The wax treatment helps to flush toxins and reduce fluid retention which can reduce swelling and inflammation.

Is Paraffin Wax Safe?

Paraffin wax has a low melting point and is completely natural so it is safe on your skin. It is advised however to visit an experienced practitioner rather than giving yourself an at home treatment so as to avoid the risk of burns.

Is Paraffin Wax Treatment Right For You?

Healthlink BC recommends paraffin wax treatment should be avoided if you:

  • Have poor blood circulation.
  • Have a rash or open sore in the area.
  • If you have lost feeling in your hands or feet.

Other than that, it is an excellent treatment option for anyone seeking to have more moisturized and softer skin, remove dead cells and brighten the skin’s appearance, or relieve pain.

If you’re ready to try a Paraffin Wax Treatment, schedule your appointment at Pure Body Health Victoria here!

How to Set Nutrition Goals for This Spring

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

Pure body health victoria, Nutrition Goals for Spring

Looking for tips on how to set nutrition goals for this spring? Look no further than Pure Body Health Victoria’s top three actionable steps for setting nutrition goals that are both achievable and good for your whole-body health.

Step #1 for Setting Spring Nutrition Goals: Decide Your Motivation

Setting spring nutrition goals for yourself can be part of your New Year’s resolution to start exercising more, your promise to your family to stop smoking, or simply to bolster your whole-body health.

Regardless of what your motivator is, we recommend deciding on your main driver ahead of time to ensure that you have a concrete reason that is pushing you to meet your goals. Keeping this motivator in mind (or writing it down alongside your nutrition goals for reference!) can help keep you on track if your willpower starts to wane.

Pro-tip: the Pure Body Health Victoria team strongly suggests against making weight loss your main motivator. While those who fall into the overweight or obese categories will benefit from even moderate weight loss, we encourage you to steer clear from weight loss being the end result of your nutrition goals if they’re strictly appearance-based. Instead, focus on helping your body feel the best it possibly can through proper nutrition!

Step #2: Make Your Goals SMART

In the nutrition world, SMART stands for goals that are:

  • Specific: Do your spring nutrition goals include doubling your daily protein? Start taking certain supplements? Scaling back on carbs? The more specific your goals are, the easier and more straightforward they will be to stick to long-term.
  • Measurable: Whether it be via a calendar, journal, or app, ensuring that your nutrition goals are being measured on an ongoing basis will keep you in-the-know about how close you are to meeting them (and what you could tweak to get there faster!)
  • Attainable: We recommend starting small to see results long-term. While overhauling your eating overnight will likely feel like an enormous task, reducing one unhealthy staple weekly and replacing it with a more nutritious alternative will feel more manageable in the long-run.
  • Realistic: To stay motivated, set a goal that you believe is realistic. After all, if you set your initial goal too small you can always set another benchmark once you get there!
  • Time-oriented: Selecting a timeframe for your goal will help you both stay on track and more accurately measure your results.

Step #3: When in Doubt, Ask an Expert

Having a nutrition expert assess your nutrition goals, health history, supplement routine, lifestyle habits, nutrition concerns, and/or food journal records can work to quickly analyze what is (and isn’t!) working in regards to your nutrition benchmarks.

At Pure Body Health Victoria, our nutrition counselling services include both the above assessments and body composition monitoring, body measuring, ongoing professional support, and recipe recommendations to help you meet your goals in a safe, healthy, and sustainable timeframe.

Contact us today for spring nutrition goals that are expert-approved.

Why Facial Rejuvenation is More Than Just Skin-Deep

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

Pure body health victoria, facial rejuvenation center

Today, we wanted to outline why facial rejuvenation is more than just skin-deep… and how the facial rejuvenation treatment method offered at Pure Body Health Victoria has more overlap with acupuncture than you may think!

The Mei Zen Technique for Facial Rejuvenation

Defined as any treatment that rejuvenates the feel and appearance of the facial region, the term “facial rejuvenation” often calls to mind procedures like Botox, microneedling, or laser therapy.

While these treatments do fall under the umbrella of facial rejuvenation treatments, Pure Body Health Victoria promotes a more holistic form of the skin rejuvenation facial: the Mei Zen technique.

A component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mei Zen is a form of cosmetic acupuncture that translates literally to “beautiful person”. It utilizes an ancient needling technique that gently breaches the topmost layer of skin to bring forth increased qi (one’s life force) and blood to the face which can improve the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin… both essential for fighting the visible signs of aging!

Like regular acupuncture, your assigned Pure Body Health Victoria therapist will select the acupuncture points on your face based on the best areas to address your specific skin and energy imbalances.

This facial rejuvenation treatment is divided into three portions: the “root” treatment, which holistically removes energy blockages to improve the circulation of qi throughout the body; and the “constitutional” treatment, which targets digestive concerns, hormonal imbalances, and emotional stress, all of which are reflected in the skin’s complexion; and the “local” treatment, which works to increase the circulation of blood and aid in lymphatic drainage in the facial region.

The Mental, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of Choosing Mei Zen as Your Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Cosmetic acupuncture has been proven to have myriad mental, emotional, and physical benefits. These include:

With results visible after just one treatment (and progressively more so after 6-7), the Pure Body Health Victoria team recommends Mei Zen as your skin rejuvenation facial of choice if you are seeking for a non-invasive alternative to traditional treatments that also target mental and emotional health.

Head to our Facial Rejuvenation page today to learn more about why we’re proud to offer this form of cosmetic acupuncture.

What is an Athletic Therapist?

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

What is an athletic therapist? What is athletic therapy?

Athletic Therapists are professionals trained in musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. They treat pain, injuries and create preventative strengthening programs through hands on treatment.

They are experts in injury assessment and rehabilitation and their patients vary from seniors recovering from a surgery to youths suffering from concussions.

AT’s are best known for their work with elite athletes but are also trained and valuable in a clinical setting. They are able to assess injuries quickly and develop rehabilitation plans that get results fast.

What is the difference between Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists?

Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists are similar to each other in their objective of increasing patient mobility and healing ailments, and differ from each other in their education and specialities in treatment.

In British Columbia, physiotherapists must achieve their Masters of Physical Therapy – a process that takes roughly 7 or 8 years, pass a national examination upon graduation and be registered with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia.

Their education focuses on cardiology, orthopaedics and neurology, with their skills being used to treat patients with a variety of ailments including; burn patients, pediatrics, stroke rehabilitation and many more.

Athletic Therapists must complete a Bachelor’s degree and then attend a 3 year Athletic Therapy program offered at eight Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) accredited institutions in Canada.

During this program, students must complete both an in-field and in-clinic practicum, have a valid First Responder certificate and upon graduation pass the National Certification Examinations.

The process to become an Athletic Therapist is similar in length to physiotherapy, taking roughly 7 or 8 years.

Can Athletic Therapists Diagnose You?

Physician referrals are not required to see an Athletic Therapist. As a part of your treatment an AT focuses on thorough and proper assessments of injuries, management of acute and chronic injuries, and injury prevention. Their job is, to the best of their ability, to diagnose what is causing discomfort.

When to See an Athletic Therapist

If you have experienced an injury and are eager to get life back to normal or back into your sport of choice, addressing your injury head on with a trained professional is a potent way to speed up recovery.

If you have any nagging injuries, it is useful to consult with an expert that may be aware of some weak or overdeveloped muscles that are contributing to the chronic pain. They can then treat you through manual therapy, stretching and strength training.

We are all athletes in our day to day life, whether it’s lifting laundry baskets, carrying infants, or spending a significant time sitting, our day to day life can take a toll.

The objective of an Athletic Therapist is to help clients return to their usual activities and live with the most freedom and least amount of pain in their body.

Whether you’d like to improve your posture, heal an injury, deal with acute or chronic pain, or engage in preventative measures, an Athletic Therapist is an excellent resource to use.

If you’re interested in booking with one of our qualified Athletic Therapists click here.

We have COVID safe practices in place so we can continue serving the community, while doing our part to keep it safe.

How Pure Body Health’s Therapeutic Environments Helps to Heal Mind, Body, and Soul

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

How Pure Body Health’s Therapeutic Environments Helps to Heal Mind, Body, and Soul

When it comes to emotional, mental, and physical health, environmental factors have a significant influence. This includes the environments we visit frequently for work and leisure!

Here at Pure Body Health Victoria, we strive to curate an environment that works alongside our professional treatments to heal mind, body, and soul. How? By:

Prioritizing COVID-19 Protocols

Our priority is your health and safety, which is why our valued customers are provided a regulated environment to enjoy their treatments in. This includes:

  • Our team of professionals carefully controlling clinic traffic
  • The consistent periodic disinfection of frequently-touched surfaces
  • Gloves and safety glasses available to be provided upon request
  • Mandatory mask use for both therapists and clients
  • Pre-screening ahead of appointments
  • A thirty-minute window between clients
  • Plexiglass barriers and a “no touch” policy for all in-store retail items
  • Dedicated work clothes for our staff

Providing a Soothing Space for All

The impacts of colour psychology are well-documented. In short? Colours have a profound effect on one’s behaviour and emotional health… which is why we structured both the interior and exterior of Pure Body Health Victoria with it in mind!

Painted in soothing whites and grays, our tranquil interior is accented by live plants to increase overall oxygen levels which, in turn, promote an elevated feeling of calmness (and off-set the potential of our spaces feeling too sterile!)

The meanings behind our chosen colours?


In North America, white most commonly represents cleanliness, simplicity, and the joy of new beginnings… which many clients find here at Pure Body Health Victoria! As an added bonus, white works to make interior spaces seem larger than they are, helping to make even our smallest treatment rooms feel spacious.


Neutral and steadfast, the mix of light and dark grays we have chosen to play a part in the majority of our rooms provides a comforting feel without being distracting during treatments. Whether you come in for acupuncture, I.R sauna therapy, massage therapy, or any of our other in-person services, our interior has been crafted to be the soothing escape you need from your day-to-day.

How to Bring Pure Body Health Victoria’s Therapeutic Inclusions to Your Home?

No environment is more impactful than the one you spend the most time in: your home.

Our tips for bringing the therapeutic inclusions outlined above to your home for better physical, mental, and emotional health?

  • Decorate with interior plants for bettered mental health and oxygen levels
  • Opt for colours that reflect your needs (whether that be relaxing or energizing!)
  • Maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and wash your hands frequently

Have any questions for our team here at Pure Body Health Victoria? Contact us today

The Immune-Boosting Benefits of Acupuncture

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

Immune boosting benefits of Acupuncture

Are there immune-boosting benefits of acupuncture?

The short answer? Absolutely.

The long answer? Well, we explore that in depth below!

First: What is Acupuncture?

For the uninitiated, acupuncture is an ancient alternative medicine philosophy that has been studied and practiced for over 2,500 years. It is a safe and effective treatment that is used both alone and in conjunction with myriad diagnoses, such as, but not limited to, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fatigue, dental pain, eye problems, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, nausea, and seasonal affective disorder.

Acupuncture utilizes a variety of techniques:


Acupressure is the manual application of pressure to targeted points on the body by a professional, typically via their fingertips.


An ancient method of alternative method used to non-invasively target general body pain, inflammation, and blood flow concerns, cupping is the act of putting specialized cuts atop of targeted points along the body in order to create suction. It is classified as a type of deep-tissue massage.


Moxibustion is an external treatment based on alternative Chinese medicine that aids in blood flow and involves carefully burning moxa (a tool made of ground mugwort leaves) directly or indirectly to the body’s acupuncture points as a stimulant.


Last but certainly not least is infrared light therapy, which works alongside acupuncture to flush unwanted toxins from the body and increase overall circulation. It is also specifically used on clients who have concerns surrounding stiff muscles and/or joint pain.

How Do the Benefits of Acupuncture Boost the Immune System?

Due to acupuncture’s ability to stimulate the body’s immune response, it has been linked to the body’s improved ability to bounce back and better fight future infections.

In fact, studies have shown acupuncture’s tangible effectiveness in improving the body’s long-term immune function via bolstering white blood cell and T-cell numbers for up to one month post-treatment.

Acupuncture’s other immune-boosting benefit? Soothing common symptoms that often run down one’s immune system, especially over the winter months. These include chronic anxiety, stress, and poor sleep quality.

The top acupuncture points for immune-bolstering are:

  • GB-20, located at the back of the head
  • KI-27, located directly below the collarbone
  • ST-36, located on the shin
  • LI-4, located between the thumb and index finger
  • LU-7, located at the base of the thumb

Are There Limitations to Acupuncture’s Efficacy?

Yes. As detailed on our dedicated acupuncture page, there are specific conditions which require a professional judgement before acupuncture can be applied in order to ensure client safety. These are:

  • Sepsis
  • Notifiable diseases
  • Undiagnosed seizures
  • Endocarditis
  • Pregnancy (in the first trimester)
  • Having a pacemaker
  • The use of anticoagulants
  • Active infections
  • Skin lesions
  • Lymphoedema

When in doubt? Discuss your health condition with your health professional ahead of booking your acupuncture appointment.

Have Further Questions About How Acupuncture Can Benefit You?

Reach out to the Pure Body Health Victoria team today to learn how acupuncture can work alongside your lifestyle efforts to support a healthy immune system.

Pure Body Health Victoria’s Virtual Counselling Services for Holistic Health

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

a plate full of healthy fruits and tea suggested by pure body health online

Here at Pure Body Health Victoria, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of health-related solutions. One of our most accessible during 2020 (and, now, 2021!) Virtual counselling services for holistic health.

Held via our partner business, Pure Body Health Online, keep reading to learn how and why our nutrition counselling, wellness counselling, and life coaching are helping people just like you get the most out of their everyday lifestyle.

Virtual Nutritional Counselling

Our virtual nutritional counselling comes in three variants:

  • Initial 60-min. consultation
    • Good things take time, which is why we ensure that our initial 60-min. consultation is as thorough as possible. This includes:
      • An evaluation of the client’s health history
      • An overview of past and current supplements, as well as daily eating habits
      • A discussion about food records
      • Outlining a goal-based plan and nutritional condition
      • Recommending recipe plans and tactics to strengthen your immune system long-term
  • 40-min. follow-up session
    • Built-in to the standard 60-min. consultation
    • A nutritional audit with one of our virtual counselling specialists
    • Analyzing the status of your provided nutritional plan in order to make any recommended adjustments
    • This is to monitor your progress and set you on the path for long-term results
  • The Advance PBH Package
    • The full-package experience for those seeking an in-depth nutritional counselling experience
    • Includes an initial consultation, three monitoring sites, 21 days of meal planning, evaluation and tracking of all health changes, and a laboratory assessment

Balancing emotional and physical health is key for a happy, healthy life; that’s why our dedicated team of experts offer an array of athletic therapy counselling, wellness coaching, life coaching services, and naturopathic and Chinese herbal medicine guidance alongside our nutritional counselling.

Athletic Therapy

Each virtual athletic therapy counselling appointment encompasses your detailed physical history, a comprehensive assessment, specified treatment, one-on-one patient education, and a customized home-treatment program. Our virtual athletic therapy services are covered by insurances such as, but not limited to, All Sport Insurance, Marketing, the Canadian Hockey Association, Greenshield, Manulife, and Sunlife.

Wellness Coaching

Divided into an initial 60-min. consultation and a 45-min. follow-up session for patient convenience, we here at Pure Body offer a unique mentorship experience with one of our very own wellness experts. These sessions entail personalized step-by-step walkthroughs for topics like overall bodily health, lifestyle, and holistic wellbeing.

Life Coaching

Kicking off with a free initial 30-min. consult, our virtual life coaching offerings uncover recommended changes that can be made to both your professional and personal life. What is the most important to you in life? What are you looking to achieve in both the short-and-long term? These one-on-one coaching sessions are inspired by Pure Body Health’s founder, Gavin Henderson-Peal, who, in addition to overseeing the activities here at Pure Body Health, runs a successful business coaching company here in Victoria.

Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Counselling

While two separate services, our virtual naturopathy and traditional Chinese herbal medicine counselling work in tandem to holistically heal many chronic and astute conditions.

Enjoy the Best Health of Your Life With Pure Body Health’s Virtual Counselling

Whether it be virtual nutritional counselling, athletic therapy coaching, guidings on the topics of health and wellness, or even the integration of naturopathic and/or traditional Chinese herbal medicine into your everyday life, you’re in good hands here at Pure Body Health. Contact us today!

Why a Hot Stone Massage is the Perfect Winter Treatment

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

Beautiful Woman Getting Stones Massage in Spa Salon.

Victoria, it’s true: a hot stone massage is the perfect winter treatment, especially after the year we’ve collectively had!

As one of our most popular massage services here at Pure Body Health Victoria, we are experts when it comes to hot stone massages.

Keep reading to learn what a hot stone massage treatment at Pure Body Health Victoria entails, what its benefits are, and how it works to alleviate tension during the winter months.

First Things First: What Does a Hot Stone Massage Entail, Exactly?

A hot stone massage is exactly what it says on the tin: by utilizing heated stones (most commonly smooth river rocks that do well to retain heat), your massage therapist will heat the stones until they are within an ideal temperature range. Your massage therapist will then place the stones on specific parts of the body to loosen muscles that are sore and tight (as well as balance energy levels). These hot stones will be periodically swapped with cold stones to yield the treatment’s full therapeutic benefits.

In fact, stones have been used for therapeutic purposes worldwide; the Japanese, Scandaniavians, North American Indigenous Peoples, Chinese, and Buddhist Monks have all used stones for alleviating muscle pain for centuries. This, coupled with expert Swedish massage techniques, work to efficiently release pain and/or tension that has built up over the winter months. We here at Pure Body Health are proud to offer hot stone massages, cold stone massages, and contrast stone massages (during which both hot and cold stones are used.)

The Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

By applying hot stones to the body first, toxins and muscle tightness are released; the application of cold stones then encourages said improved blood flow. This alternation also improves overall relaxation.

Other benefits of a hot stone massage include:

  • Bettered lymphatic drainage throughout the body
  • The lowering of blood pressure
  • Enhanced immune response
  • The release of stress, pain, muscle aches, tightness, and fatigue
  • A sense of relaxation
  • Reduced muscle spasms and acute inflammatory reactions
  • Soothing of burns

Book Your Hot Stone Massage At Pure Body Health Victoria

Pure Body Health Victoria’s team of registered health professionals are here to deliver on our promise of providing Victoria with the tools for optimal living.

We are located on Yates Street (beside Fol Epi, between Bulk Barn and the Odeon Theatre) and have two nearby parkades for easy visitation. We like to notify clients that first-hour parking is free, along with ample metered street parking on the blocks of Yates Street, Johnson Street, and Blanshard Street. For those who cycle, we encourage parking at our bike racks stationed outside of the office!

Treat yourself this winter with the healing powers of a hot stone massage. Book yours today!

What are the Health Benefits of Infrared Therapy?

Author: Pure Body Health Victoria

Infrared Sauna Entrance

Infrared therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits for your health and well being, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Treatment for chronic pain
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Detoxification
  • Skin purification

Infrared technology is a wonderful addition to your wellness routine as it gives you the benefits of time spent in the sun without exposing yourself to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Imagine the feeling of refreshment and relaxation after a day in the sun without having to be concerned about the adverse side effects on your skin and health.

Infrared light has been shown to promote faster healing and relief for muscle tension or chronic pain by initiating the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body.

It’s a safe and effective rehabilitation method, demonstrated by its use for infants in neonatal intensive care.

What are Infrared Saunas?

Infrared saunas are similar in structure to traditional saunas – they are both typically small enclosed rooms – however they differ in how the heat is transmitted to your body and the resulting benefits.

Traditional saunas heat the body through the conduction of warm air – as the air in the room warms up – your body begins to heat up.

Infrared saunas heat your body directly with 80% of the heat going into your body and 20% warming the air around you.

The infrared light is absorbed by photoreceptors in your cells and is converted into heat energy, which then begins to warm up your body.

When the light energy is absorbed it triggers a series of metabolic events and natural processes in your body.

Do Infrared Saunas Burn Calories?

Infrared saunas promote weight loss as they produce conditions that mimic exercise.

As you begin to sweat, your heart rate increases and this kickstarts a caloric burn. The same is true for traditional saunas, however, if you find the intense heat of a traditional sauna overwhelming, infrared saunas are a great alternative.

Since infrared saunas warm your body, not the air – the thick feeling or heaviness of air that can be felt in traditional saunas doesn’t occur, so you are able to receive the benefits of calorie loss without discomfort.

Detoxification and Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are effective at detoxifying both your body and mind. The induced sweating has been shown to help eliminate heavy metals, BPA’s and other toxic chemicals from your skin.

BPA’s are an industrial chemical that has been used since the 1960’s to make certain plastics and resins. It’s common to absorb these chemicals in your day-to-day life and therefore important to detoxify them from your skin.

Infrared saunas are also excellent places to detoxify your mind. In the sanctuary of the sauna while your body is receiving the benefits of infrared wave energy, it provides a powerful space for meditation, reflection and relaxation.

Do Infrared Saunas Help Rejuvenate Your Skin?

Infrared wave energy has been shown to help cells repair and regenerate, including your skin cells, improving your skin elasticity and tone.

Infrared therapy has also been shown to be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite, clearing acne, psoriasis, eczema and reducing the appearance of scars.

This combined with the required rehydration after time spent in the sauna results in a purification and refreshment of your skin.


Infrared therapy can help with a number of things but it’s always important to take certain considerations into account when deciding if it’s right for you, a few of which include:

  • Avoid the sauna if you have been consuming alcohol
  • If you have heart problems, issues with your blood pressure, or pregnant it’s advised you consult your doctor before booking an appointment.
  • It’s important to rehydrate after your session to avoid dehydration

If you’re ready to try Infrared Therapy, schedule your appointment at Pure Body Health Victoria here!

Acupuncture and Blood Circulation

Author: Kayla Balfour, Registered Acupuncturist

Acupuncture and blood circulation card

Ever wondered if Acupuncture can help with your blood circulation?

Today I’m going to share some cool facts about a point called He Gu.

He Gu is Located on the back of the hand, on the web between the index and thumb.
This point is a powerhouse to help improve circulation in the body. According to the Chinese medical philosophy, this point is a strong mover of “Qi” – Qi is an energy found everywhere around you and is vital in moving blood around the body. So, when you are feeling cold all the time, especially in your hands and feet, this point is commonly used to help get that circulation moving.

Fabiana Freire from the Instituto Jing Medicina da Dor had the brilliant idea to film a client receiving this point with an infrared camera so you can see this amazing point in action. Essentially blue means cold, and red means hot – take a close look at the before and after of this client’s hands, it’s pretty spectacular!

Visit Kayla in the clinic to discover how acupuncture can benefit you!